Pre-service Teacher Certification

Updated: May 1, 2020

Are you a pre-service teacher needing to complete their provisional certification? Please follow the next steps listed below and visit for further information.

Current pre-service teachers also have the option of participating in the virtual ABF conference over Summer 2020 at no cost to them to gain that certification.

"In order to finalize your CASE certification, the remaining $700 of your certification fee must be paid once you are employed by a school system. Payment of this fee allows you to be eligible for teacher services including receiving updated copies of the curriculum, ordering equipment and supplies at discount prices through the CASE Store, to be eligible to utilize CASE Online, and teach the curriculum without copyright infringement.

In order to receive your invoice for the remaining $700 of your certification fee, please complete the change of school form. Note the year, university, and course, along with pre-service certified, in the additional information section. You will then receive a copy of your invoice to submit to your school’s business office to finalize your CASE certification. "

- National CASE Website, 2020

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