Updates on Summer 2020 CASE Professional Development

As of April 30th, 2020, CASE has cancelled all in-person professional development events through August 31st, 2020.

Our ASA Institute, originally schedule for June 8-18, has already been cancelled. If you were signed up for this institute and haven't already done so, please complete the cancellation form through CASE. If you were signed up for our ASA Institute AND currently hold an existing CASE certification beyond ABF, you may choose to register for the virtual ASA when that becomes available mid-May.

Our 5 student teachers will have the option of participating in the virtual ABF over the summer at no cost to them to gain that certification. They have already completed AFNR last fall.

For the AATA Summer Conference 2020, if it indeed still occurs in person, we will not be able to offer ABF to our teachers face-to-face. However, a virtual ABF is being offered by CASE.

Finally, if you are new to a school that uses CASE and were counting on gaining any certification this summer to teach the curriculum for the next school year, you MUST request CASE probationary status to use the curriculum. This only applies to individuals that were either signed up for a institute before cancellations were announced or were replacing a teacher at a school that already utilized CASE.

Please find information regarding virtual ABF registration, probationary status, and CASE scholarship deferment below.

From Nancy Trivette, Director of National CASE Initiative

"If you were registered for a canceled event, you are eligible to request CASE Probationary Status due to COVID-19 cancellations. Please read the requirements listed on the form to determine if you're able and willing to complete the steps needed for this option.

Also, consider attending alternative CASE professional development events:

  • The virtual ABF BriefCASEs are open today, May 1st, for registration

  • Cost: $275

  • Dates: June 22-23, July 7-8, August 4-5

  • 35 spots per BriefCASE (if demand is high, multiple cohorts are possible.)

  • The immersive ASA CASE Institute registration portal will go live on or about, May 15. More details regarding the immersive ASA CASE Institute will be posted on the CASE website and social media platforms as it becomes available. 

Remember, if you received a CASE Institute scholarship, you are still eligible to use those for alternate events this summer, or have the funds roll-over to next year. Use the link below to help follow the necessary steps for your situation."

Virtual ABF: https://nationalassociationofagriculturaleducators.cmail19.com/t/y-l-udttuhy-irlrdhjklt-y/

Probationary Status: https://nationalassociationofagriculturaleducators.cmail19.com/t/y-l-udttuhy-irlrdhjklt-r/

Scholarship Deferment: https://nationalassociationofagriculturaleducators.cmail19.com/t/y-l-udttuhy-irlrdhjklt-j/

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